Unsolved Civil Rights-Era Murders Get Some TV Justice

Unsolved Civil Rights-Era Murders Get Some TV Justice

Published March 12, 2011

While recent history has seen murder cases of the civil rights era receive much-need justice, there are still hundreds of cases that have remained cold and unsolved for decades. Now a three-part series to debut on the channel Investigation Discovery next month will showcase three cases included in the FBI’s Civil Rights Cold Case Initiative.

 In 2007, the FBI started the investigative effort in order to take a fresh look at racially-motivated homicide investigations that occurred prior to 1970. Over 100 cold cases have been identified for this initiative. Filmmaker Keith Beauchamp, producer of
 The Untold Story of Emmett Louis Till, will team with ID for the new TV series The Injustice Files. Where suspects have gotten away, witnesses have disappeared and memories have faded, this new show will attempt to provide answers and, hopefully, justice for three families affected by these crimes.

The Injustice Files premieres Friday, Feb. 18 at 9pm ET/PT on Investigation Discovery.

Written by by Marcus Reeves


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