Interview: Brian White

Published February 1, 2011

Women love actor Brian White. He has all the right ingredients, and they add up to an amazing, Denzel Washington–like “It” factor. The energetic Boston native hasn’t confined himself to one specific craft. White played professional football for the New England Patriots, co-founded an active professional dance company and has a stockbroker license. On the big screen, we witnessed his notable performances in films ranging from Stomp The Yard to Tyler Perry's I Can Do Bad All by Myself. Now he's playing a bad boy along side the beautiful Michelle Williams in David Talbert’s play What My Husband Doesn’t Know. caught up with White to discuss his new role in the stage production and working with Williams.
How did you get the lead male role in What My Husband Doesn’t Know?
Our agent connected David and I together. We sat down and worked out the details for my joining the play.

Your character Paul is a bit of a bad boy. Tell us more.
Paul is new to the town. I am a foreman hired by the owner of [a] company and his wife Lena, played by Michelle Williams. Paul is told by the owner of the company to fix everything that’s wrong with his house. Paul listens to everything the husband asks of him, and you’ll see that leads to trouble.  

Was it easy for you to make the transition from professional football player to actor?
I’m still an athlete, I’m still a stockbroker, I’m still an actor. I think of it as more of an opening of new doors than an actual transition. I enjoy all of those things, which is why they remain a part of my life.

Michelle Williams also stars in the play. What is it like working with her?
It’s been fantastic. We started out as Twitter friends. We got the chance to talk mess about our favorite football teams. Vocally, she and Ann Nesby are dynamic. Michelle is such a pro and talented woman.

JoJo White, formerly of the Boston Celtics, is your dad. Do you ever feel any added pressure to succeed because of that?
Not really. Maybe if I wasn’t a natural athlete. Since I was two I was athletic, and I naturally had the same desire as my father. I excelled in sports. I didn’t feel pressure—I felt supported.
Who are you listening to on your iPod right now?
Jazmine Sullivan, Drake, Jay-Z, Carlos Santana and Dave Matthews Band.

Name two things people say to you that make you smile.
“You’re a good role model.” Or if I’ve done something that affected someone in a positive way.

It's Black History Month.  What is your favorite Black film?
I focus on good acting as it relates to a film as oppose to having a favorite film.  Every film by Will Smith, Harry Belafonte, Sidney Poitier, Lena Horne, Ruby Dee, Don Cheadle will have great acting and carry good messages in the film.  The films starring those actors are the films I tell young people to watch for good acting and to view for quality movies.

How can your fans speak with you about your performance in What My Husband Doesn’t Know?
I can be found on Twitter at

What My Husband Doesn’t Know kicks off Friday, February 4th in South Carolina.  Go to for more info on tour dates and cities.

Written by Quassan Castro


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