Exclusive: Vivica Fox Reveals Valentine's Day and Wedding Plans

Exclusive: Vivica Fox Reveals Valentine's Day and Wedding Plans

Published March 2, 2011

For her first Valentine’s Day since her engagement to Atlanta club promoter Omar "Slim" White, Vivica Fox is doing it up right—she’s making a whole romantic weekend out of it. Gorgeous as ever and flashing her eight-karat engagement sparkler at the Valentine Romance/Sneak Peek Oscar Suite at Café La Boheme in West Hollywood, Fox couldn’t wait for her fiancé’s arrival. "We’ve got a couple of parties that we’re going to go to, we’re going to go to Mr. Chow for dinner and meet some friends, maybe do a little spa rub ‘n’ scrub, and just spend time together,” she said. She already gave Slim his gift, an iPad. “He’s a gadget geek,” she explained.

Between gathering free samples from vendors, including Jurlique’s rose-scented skincare line, Twisted Silver jewelry, Maximum Lash’s eyelash conditioner, Gold Canyon’s scented candles, and Kama Sutra’s edible intimate products, Fox talked about her man and her wedding plans.

“We met when he hired me for an event in Atlanta about a year-and-a-half ago. We got engaged Dec. 26 at the Ritz-Carlton in South Beach. My belated Christmas present,” she said, holding up her left hand. “Daddy did good!”

Slim may be two decades her junior, but Fox praises his maturity, saying that he brings “peace and clarity” to her life. “He’s very grounded. He’s a good Southern man, very traditional. I absolutely adore him, and I’m the happiest I’ve been in a long time.”

While there’s no wedding date yet, Vivica says, “We’ll probably plan an early fall wedding in Atlanta. It will be romantic and intimate. Less people to try to make happy. It should be about us.”

For their honeymoon, “I’d love to go to Barbados," she says. "I just went for the first time about a month ago and fell in love with the island. It was absolutely gorgeous.”

Fox is starting to look at wedding dresses and accessories. “I want it to be romantic. But sexy, not lacy, and it’s gotta have boob coverage, hold the girls up. As long as it’s got good support, I’m good,” she laughed, adding that she wants embellished “princess” shoes. “I’m a shoe whore. All my shoes are expensive. I’ll work for a great pair of shoes.”

Wedding plans aren’t the only things keeping Fox busy, though. “I just finished a film with Robert Townsend called The Discarded Boyz. I play a very dark, dysfunctional mother who’s full of love, but she’s got faults,” she says. “I’m going back on the road with Brian McKnight with Cheaper to Keep Her, a play that I’m co-producing. And I’m the voice of Angel Dynamite on Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated every Monday night on Cartoon Network.” She also has her own line of hair extensions and wigs available at VivicaFoxHair.com. But for her wedding, she’ll probably wear her hair in an updo rather than long and loose, “because a lot of people are hugging you,” she explained. “It gets messy.”


Image:  J. Arbeit/WENN

Written by Gerri Miller


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