Cassidy Still Stuck on Baby & Lil' Wayne Kissing

Cassidy Still Stuck on Baby & Lil' Wayne Kissing

Published March 12, 2011

Why are people still pressed about Lil’ Wayne kissing Baby on the mouth?  I assumed we were all over this by now? Apparently not.

Cassidy recently brought it up for the millionth. In his mind, men who claim to be gangsters don’t kiss other men.  Are you yawning it?  If so, wait until you read the actual quote.

According to Cassidy: “…if you considered to be a gangster or a man period you shouldn't be kissing another man or another gangster period."

You know what’s so fun about rappers? The very people a lot of them pretend to be – Italian mobsters – kiss each other.  Are they gay? No, but they are secure enough in their sexuality. I’m also assuming they read the newspapers, blogs, or something – whatever will keep them from talking about topics several years old.

Speaking of such, Cassidy brought this very topic back up in 2007. He said: “There’s no way that you can word it to make me approve of that, so I’m going to let that be known.”

Dude, you’ve made it known. Now we can all move on.

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Image:  Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

Written by Michael Arceneaux


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