Donald Trump Can Count on LaToya Jackson's Vote

Donald Trump Can Count on LaToya Jackson's Vote

Published March 8, 2011

As cute and adorable as one might find her, LaToya Jackson isn’t exactly the kind of person I’d look to for political insight. But that hasn’t stopped anyone from asking. With Donald Trump hinting at a potential presidential run (he does this all the time, though), the middle Jackson sister was asked whether or not she would vote for him.

Naturally, she says she’s down for the cause. She explained: “I think he would make an excellent president. I think he speaks the truth. I also feel that he knows a lot about the economy and the way [it's] heading. [The] world in general is basically involved around business with the oil crisis and things of that nature, that's basically controlling the world at this point and this moment. He knows so much about that."

To her credit, there is a perception among quite a few folks that business-minded people make great elected officials.  Still, not everyone cosigns that theory and Toy-Toy touched on that, too. She added: “I think he's loved by a lot of people in America. I think he stands a chance. But then again, you have the other side who says, 'Well how much does he really know?”

I can’t wait to see LaToya become a “political strategist” on The Rachel Maddow Show.



Image:  Toby Canham/Getty Images

Written by Michael Arceneaux


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