Fat Joe Launching Cooking Show

Fat Joe Launching Cooking Show

Published March 10, 2011

For those of you who look to avid food lovers for advice on what to eat and how to cook it, you’re in luck, thanks to one Bronx rapper.

Fat Joe has just announced that he will be the host of a new cooking show.

Speaking with NBC Miami, Joey Crack said, “I’m working on a cooking show, and this is the first time I’m telling the world. Who else can you trust other than Fat Joe to tell you what food is good or not?”

Fat Joe says the show will also feature Chef Mark, whom he referred to as “an incredible chef.”

A studio audience and a band will also join the pair, and Joe said that he hopes to bring in artists like Lil’ Wayne to stop by.

Joe hopes the show will allow fans to get to know him behind his rap persona.

He said, “You get to see the Fat Joe from videos and rap music, but you don’t really know [me] until you really meet me. We’ll get in front of that camera, vibe with everybody and have a lot of fun with it.”



Photo:  Vallery Jean/Getty Images

Written by Michael Arceneaux


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