50 Cent Apologizes For Tsunami Jokes

50 Cent Apologizes For Tsunami Jokes

Published March 13, 2011

50 Cent was met with heavy scrutiny over the weekend after he made jokes referencing the 8.9 earthquake that struck Japan late last week and the subsequent tsunami that soon followed.

On Friday, the rapper tweeted: “Its all good Till b--ches see there christian louboutins floating down da street s**tgone get crazy.”

He also made jokes about the tsunami warning for the states in or near the Pacific coast.  The rapper wrote: “Look this is very serious people I had to evacuate all my hoe’s from LA,Hawaii and Japan. I had to do it. Lol”

After a number of people complained about his perceived insensitivity, 50 later tweeted: “Some of my tweets are ignorant I do it for shock value. Hate it or love it. I’m cool either way.”

He followed with a more apologetic message: “Nah this is nuts but what can anyone do about it. Let’s pray for anyone who has lost someone."


(Photo:  Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Written by Michael Arceneaux


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