This Day In Film: "Love Jones"

This Day In Film: "Love Jones"

The film opened in theaters exactly 14 years ago today.

Published March 15, 2011

If you were Black or even had a lil' bit of soul in 1997, you surely saw the movie Love Jones (if it was playing in your area -- the widest release the film had was 821 theaters).  It was a film that resonated with young people of color.  While the "'hood" movies of the '90s were important in their own way, Love Jones was refreshing, new, and spoke to a generation. Fourteen years ago today, Love Jones opened in theaters nationwide. The cast included Bill Bellamy, Lisa Nicole Carson, Isaiah Washington, Nia Long, and Larenz Tate.

Based in Chicago, Nina Mosley (Long) was a struggling photographer and Darius Lovehall (Tate) was a poet and aspiring novelist.  After meeting at a poetry club, the two eventually connected and had a romance.  The film was written and directed by Theodore Witcher—his first and only feature-length film.

Love Jones captured a time in the lives of 20-something African-Americans when neo-soul was just about to explode and the thug image was passé.  The amazing soundtrack featured songs from Maxwell, Cassandra Wilson, X-Scape, and Lauryn Hill's first solo single, "The Sweetest Thing."

Love Jones grossed over $12 million at the box office and is considered a classic in the African-American community.

Written by Clay Cane


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