Talib Kweli Responds to Wyclef Shooting

Talib Kweli Responds to Wyclef Shooting

The rapper squashes jokes on the incident via Twitter.

Published March 20, 2011

After Wyclef Jean was shot in the hand during a visit to Haiti Saturday night, rapper Talib Kweli took to the Twitterverse to share his thoughts on the incident. Though the bullet grazed Jean's hand and was quickly released from the hospital after being treated, Kweli disapproved of the jokes being made over the "minor" injury.

"All yall talking about calm down it's only his hand would change yall tune if someone was trying to murder," he expressed over his Twitter account @realTalibKweli. "They wasn't goin for his hand. We love Wyclef. Glad he's ok. The man sacrifices for his people."

Investigation is currently on hold as Jean is refusing to talk to police about the shooting.

Written by Dorkys Ramos


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