Q&A: Romeo Hits The Dance Floor

Q&A: Romeo Hits The Dance Floor

Master P’s son discusses "Dancing with the Stars’" and heading No Limit Records.

Published March 20, 2011

Romeo Miller is effortlessly becoming the poster boy for transitioning from child star to successful adult celeb mogul. The University of Southern California junior has become a modern day triple threat as the 21-year old juggles academics with an acting career—he’ll soon star on the big screen with Angela Bassett and Paula Patton in Jumping the Broom on May 6th.  In addition, his music career just got a major upgrade—Romeo is the newly minted CEO and President of No Limit Records.

But first up, the world will see his small screen dance moves as one of the contestants for Season 12’s Dancing with The Stars. BET.com caught up with Romeo as he discussed the non-stop endeavors on his very busy career plate.

Let’s start with Dancing with The Stars. You have a little history with the show. You were supposed to be part of season two’s cast, right?
Yeah, I was supposed to, but I ended up getting hurt playing basketball. That was the only reason my Dad [Master P] did it—he came in to replace me.  And he only had one day to rehearse. A lot people don’t know that. He literally saved the day for me.

You’re very athletic and played basketball for USC, but DWTS  is no joke either. People get hurt on the show— like taken out on stretchers due to injuries. What’s it been like for you so far? Dancing with The Stars is like learning a new sport with lots of bumps and bruises. It’s definitely harder [for me] because it’s something I’m not used to; I’m not the best of dancers. It’s like hopping in the ocean and not knowing how to swim. But I definitely want to become a great ballroom dancer to the best of my abilities. I’m going to give it my all.

So you’ve got one more year to go, what has college been like for you? It’s been a great experience getting my education and playing ball for USC. I recommend [getting an] education to everybody.  Anytime you’re playing basketball, and you have a coach who you have to respect, you’ve got to be very disciplined. It was kind of like going into the real world and really growing up as a man. It’s a very humbling experience.

Congratulations on your new post as the head of No Limit Records. When did you start as CEO?
My dad just passed his record label No Limit Records do wn tome, just this year— like two months ago and it’s a multimillion-dollar business. Being the son of a father who works so hard I always wanted to be able take a lot of load off of my dad so he can just relax.

How will Romeo’s No Limit Records differ from Master P’s?
I’m going to do everything, even digital. After DWTS, when I go on tour I’m going to go around have talent searches like a mini-American Idol. And we’ll go to places that people don’t usually go and never thought to go to find talent. We’ll look in the little markets and places the way my dad did.

You’ve never been a paparazzi mainstay, so your personal life has been mostly private. But I’m going to dig a little if you don’t mind. With all that you doing are you finding time for a love life?
I’m single. I’m a workaholic and a lot of girls don’t know how to deal with a workaholic. But I’m definitely looking for that perfect Juliette, and I’m presently accepting applications [laughs].

Dancing with The Stars premieres tonight.



(Photo:  Courtesy of ABC)

Written by Ronke Idowu Reeves


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