Chris Brown's Expensive GMA Meltdown

Chris Brown's Expensive GMA Meltdown

Smashed dressing room window cost $2055 to replace.

Published March 26, 2011

Chris Brown's temper tantrun after last week's Good Morning America taping not only left the show with a startled staff, but a big bill to pay as well. According to, Philip Kaplan Glass Works charged $2055.36 to replace the dressing room window Brown smashed with a chair during a lash-out over the topics GMA host Robin Roberts touched upon during the show. The invoice details $583.26 for the glass and $1472.10 for the labor of three men for five hours at $98.14 each.

The bill was sent to the building management company and though it's still unknown if Brown will end up paying for the damages, word is that he offered to do so but ABC turned him down.

Written by Dorkys Ramos


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