Nelly Puts Out a Fitness DVD

Nelly Puts Out a Fitness DVD

The rapper attempts to fight childhood obesity with "Celebrity Sweat."

PUBLISHED ON : MARCH 29, 2011 / 07:46 PM

Nelly wants to get you and the kids ready for summer.

The rapper has decided to venture into the world of fitness with the release of a new workout video called Celebrity Sweat.

Nelly says Sweat features the St. Louis MC and his celebrity friends doing strength-training exercises. "The premise of the video is structured around my everyday workouts," he told

Nelly hopes that his fame will help attract kids struggling with weight problems. “It's a real big thing with child obesity, which is being overlooked," he said. "Kids don't get out and exercise like they used to, and that translates into their adulthoods."



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Written by Michael Arceneaux


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