This Day in Film: "The Matrix"

This Day in Film: "The Matrix"

Morpheus, Neo and Trinity hit theaters 12 years ago today.

(Photo:  Warner Bros)

Twelve years ago today, The Matrix opened in theaters and changed the trajectory of sci-fi films forever. Starring Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne, this epic Wachowski brothers flick captivated the globe with its philosophical plot line about humans being controlled by robots, living in a fake world known as "the Matrix" that must be destroyed and “The One” is the only person who can accomplish this task.

Originally, The Matrix seemed like an implausible idea. A-list stars like Nicolas Cage, Sean Connery, Sandra Bullock and Will Smith all turned down roles. However, when the film hit theaters on March 31, 1999, it was showered with rave reviews and ended up racking in over 460 million dollars nationwide. In addition, The Matrix won four Academy Awards for sound, editing and visuals.

Two more sequels of The Matrix followed, but neither matched the critical or box office success of the original. Nonetheless the series continued, with a diverse cast that included Jada Pinkett Smith, Mary Alice, Nona Gaye, Roy Jones, Jr. and even Dr. Cornell West.

The Matrix remains an undeniable classic.

Written by Clay Cane


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