Sean Paul is Not Dishing on Bey

Sean Paul is Not Dishing on Bey

Sean clears up rumors about romancing Jay-Z's wife.

Published April 4, 2011

Ever since the 2003 No. 1 hit "Baby Boy," there have been whispers that Beyoncé Knowles and Sean Paul dated. Rumor has it that Sean Paul is penning a book on his life and one of the juicy tidbits would be this alleged relationship with Beyoncé. 

Not so. Sean Paul's rep told "These reports are completely false" and added, "Sean is not working on a book and has never had anything more than a working relationship with Beyoncé."

The "Baby Boy" experience has garnered controversy for both artists. In 2003, Jay-Z allegedly axed Sean Paul from performing "Baby Boy" with Beyoncé at the MTV Video Music Awards. Even Paris Hilton pointed it out to him when Beyoncé was onstage. Paul said, "Paris Hilton and her sister were sitting behind me like, ‘Why ain’t you up there?’ I said, ‘I don't know.’ I was embarrassed, and I was also upset.”

Then, in 2005, songwriter Jennifer Armour sued Beyoncé for copyright infringement, claiming she stole the lyrics. The case was dismissed.

Sean Paul's fourth studio album is scheduled for release later this year. 


(Photo:  Donna Ward/Getty Images)

Written by Clay Cane


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