This Day in Film: "Foxy Brown"

This Day in Film: "Foxy Brown"

"Foxy Brown" opened in theaters back in 1974 today.

Published April 4, 2011

Pull out your bell-bottoms, platform shoes and afro picks, today is the 37th anniversary of Pam Grier's legendary flick Foxy Brown.  On this day back in 1974, Foxy Brown, directed and written by Jack Hill and starring the Halle Berry of the '70s, debuted in theaters. 

The luscious Pam Grier played a nurse who wanted to get revenge on a powerful drug ring. She ferociously fought back against the government, racism and sexism.

The film was a sequel to 1973's Coffy and was supposed to be titled Burn, Coffy, Burn!  But at the last minute the film studio decided they didn't want a sequel and slapped on the title Foxy Brown

Although panned by critics, Foxy Brown was a huge hit for a Blaxploitation film and still has a cult following.

While promoting her book, Foxy: My Life in Three Acts, Pam Grier said to theGrio, "Here I am, this 'icon,' if you will, but someone humanized the iconic title and humanized Foxy Brown, Sheba, Jackie Brown, and all the female imagery that I projected so that it was never one-dimensional. I want others to realize that I get my power from them, I didn't invent it, I get my 'foxiness' from all women."

Fists in the air to Miss Grier. That's one bad mama jama!

Written by Clay Cane


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