Aubrey O'Day On Why She Never Slept with Diddy

Aubrey O'Day On Why She Never Slept with Diddy

Aubrey O'Day talks Diddy, Danity Kane & Dawn.

Published April 8, 2011

Aubrey O’Day wants the world to know now and forever more that she never had sex with her old boss, Diddy. In an interview with Internet, radio and TV personality, B. Scott, Aubrey says sex is something very sacred to her and the kind of act she doesn’t commit to lightly.

Aubrey told B. Scott: “I definitely don’t approach sex as something fun to do on Friday night. I approach it with a lot of value. So that wouldn’t be somebody I’d be interested in sleeping with.”

As for her old cohorts in Danity Kane, Aubrey says everyone is “cool,” only no one speaks to former member Dawn Richard (curently in the Diddy-helmed trio, Diddy-Dirty Money). "We’ve all reached out and tried to pave the way and make that situation open and better," she said. "I guess that’s not something that she’s really wanting to do right now.”

These days, the Oxygen reality star, who recently signed a deal with Motown/Universal, is prepping for the release of her solo album.


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Written by Michael Arceneaux


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