Montel Williams Drug Charges Dropped

Montel Williams Drug Charges Dropped

The talk show host avoids a trial for drug paraphernalia accusations.

Published April 13, 2011

In January, some testy TSA agents did a thorough security check on legendary talk show host, Montel Williams, at a Milwaukee airport. A pipe was found on him and since then Williams has been fighting charges. Yesterday, a Milwaukee judge dismissed “a drug paraphernalia possession charge.” The pipe tested negative for marijuana. 

Montel Williams has been very vocal about his ongoing battle with Multiple Sclerosis.  He suffers from chronic pain and is a medical marijuana advocate. The day he was found with the pipe, he was traveling from the University of Wisconsin–Madison, where he was receiving alternative treatments for MS. He was charged a citation of $484.

After learning of the charges being dismissed, Williams told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel"This isn't about somebody trying to do something illicit. I'm really just trying to take my medication," Montel said. "Hopefully this issue and incident will spark some conversations that will help more rational minds find a way to solve the problem and take the patients off the battlefield."


(Photo: Tom Donoghue/PictureGroup)

Written by Clay Cane


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