Flavor Flav's Chicken Heads to Sin City

Flavor Flav's Chicken Heads to Sin City

Flav expands his poultry franchise.

Published April 15, 2011

Flavor Flav is attempting to take over the world, one chicken leg at a time. The rapper-turned-reality-star-turned-business owner is in talks to bring his chicken shack to Las Vegas.

According to TMZ, Flav met with CEO of the Riviera Casino in Sin City and made a good impression on casino bigwigs. Operation Fried Chicken is almost complete, pending some last minute contract issues and money crunching.

Flavor Flav opened his original Flavor Flav’s Chicken in rural Iowa a couple of months ago, but a spot in a Vegas hotel is prime real estate. However, with recent controversy surrounding his Iowa chicken spot, let’s just hope he gets his finances together and properly pays his employees so that everyone is happy. Lastly, maybe he should add some vegetarian chicken (tofu, tempah, seitan, etc) options so that PETA stays off his back.


(Photo: Jimmy Kimmel Show/ABC)

Written by Starr Rhett


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