Rihanna: Khloe and Lamar Make Her Want to "Barf"

Rihanna: Khloe and Lamar Make Her Want to "Barf"

Are couples who engage in PDA doing too much?

Published April 15, 2011

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom are setting off Rihanna’s gag reflexes. No it’s not the smell of their unisex perfume that’s making her want to hurl, it’s their lovey dovey antics on their show. The S&M singer playfully Tweeted about the newlyweds:

"@KhloeKardashian crazy, just watched ur show in the studio! Yall make me wanna #BARF... or at least find a man!!! 2 cute for words. Rah Rah."

Now, Rihanna has been caught in her own moments of public displays of affection, so she’s hardly one to talk. There are countless pictures of her playing kissy face and cuddling with ex-boyfriends Chris Brown and Matt Kemp.  

Clearly, PDA makes private relationship intimacy everyone's business. As sexy as Usher's pleas to make love in the club may sound in theory, in reality, we're not sure how many people really want to see all that.

With spring blooming, there will surely be more couples—celebrity or not— out and about holding hands, canoodling and yes, even slobbing each other down anytime, anyplace without caring who's around.

Get your barf bags ready!

Written by Nakisha Williams


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