The Obamas to Appear on Oprah

The Obamas to Appear on Oprah

The First Family's episode will air May 2nd.

Published April 15, 2011

Oprah's final season will go down as one of the greatest moments in television history.  Now, after exclusive interviews, vintage guests and an eagerly awaited countdown to her final show on May 25th, The Grand O will bring President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama back to her stage.  This will be Michelle Obama’s second appearance this season. 

This shouldn’t be a shocker.  Many argue Oprah’s endorsement of a pre-President Barack Obama helped him win the primaries and eventually the 2008 election.  Nonetheless, Oprah has said she is not endorsing anyone in 2012 and will focus on her network, OWN. 

This is also a hint of early campaigning for 2012.  With Republicans hungry to brand Obama the “one-term,” President, a chat with Miss Winfrey can be the beginnings of showing the American public he still has change we can believe in. 

The episode will air May 2nd

( Photo: Kevork Djansezian /Landov)


Written by Clay Cane


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