Bow Wow and Supafest Crew Spend $25K in One Hour

Bow Wow and Supafest Crew Spend $25K in One Hour

The men of Supafest go shopping and shutdown a street in Australia.

Published April 15, 2011

Picture the scene in Australia. Bow Wow, Snoop, Nelly, The Game, Busta Rhymes and Legacy from The New Boyz decend on a store on the Gold Coast in Australia. According to the Herald Sun the group went to Culture Kings a popular "streetwear" store.

Snoop's bodyguards first shutdown the store, but eventually police had to close the entire east side of the block. In just one hour the group managed to spend AU$25,000 (more than US$26,000). Referring to Snoop, one of the store managers said, "We are all huge fans, so it was definitely the most exciting customer we have ever had."

The Game tweeted about the day and posted a twitpic. "Me @snoopdogg @nelly_mo @bowwow @busabusss & @newboyz just cleaned out the Culture Kings in Gold Coast !!!"

The artists have been touring with Supafest 2011 since April 9. With a rock solid line-up including Keri Hilson, Ciara, T-Pain, Timbaland and the artists named above, it's sure to be an amazing show with even more ridiculous action going on behind the scenes.


Written by Laura Hagans Smith


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