Relationships 101: Jamie Foxx Has Love Figured Out

Relationships 101: Jamie Foxx Has Love Figured Out

Jamie Foxx on women and dating.

Published April 15, 2011

He’s a hot leading man on screen and an eligible bachelor off, but navigating the world of real-life romance is trickier than in a romantic comedy script, Jamie Foxx has found out.

“I love dating in L.A. because I think girls have to play a little hard to get here, because we come with so much bravado and so much stuff,” he comments. “I love how I’ll date a girl and they’ll put ‘little’ in front of everything: ‘Hi Jamie, I know who you are. I see you doing your little movies and win your little Grammys and win your little Oscar.' They do it to keep you at bay. I dig the person that’s not quite so easy, because the easy thing sort of scares me. You'll meet somebody and all of a sudden you’re dating and you’re on a cruise,” says Foxx, who voices a streetwise canary in the animated movie Rio.

Actresses bring an extra element to the relationship picture, he finds. “The actor and the actress, sometimes we’ll be playing a scene out, like we’re in the club and we got on a plane and we just did Scarface. The only thing missing was the white suit. So I usually date outside the business because the person who is maybe an accountant or a lawyer or something like that, is just a totally different thing.”

He’s come to learn that women have long memories, especially where telling the truth is concerned. “Women are like, 'There’s hair in the car. It's not my hair. I won’t say anything right now, I’ll log it as evidence.' 'His cell phone is going off and somebody just sent him a naked tweet picture. I'm not going to check it. I'll log it as evidence.' 'He’s supposed to be home at 2:00 because the club closed at 2. He gets home at 8. I’ll log it as evidence.’ The minute we have a simple argument, ‘September 28 there was a hair in my car.’ Just like a lawyer!”

Foxx, who collaborated with on “Hot Wings (I Wanna Party)” for the Rio soundtrack, next appears in the July comedy Horrible Bosses, opposite Jennifer Aniston, Colin Farrell and Kevin Spacey.


(Photo: Gregg DeGuire/PictureGroup)

Written by Gerri Miller


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