Toya Carter Clarifies Comments on Gay Children

Toya Carter Clarifies Comments on Gay Children

She apologizes for comments about gay kids.

Published April 15, 2011

Antonia “Toya” Carter wants to make it clear that she meant no harm with a comment she made about a gay child on Twitter.

Last week, the BET reality star tweeted: It breaks my heart to see kids under 18 Gay. #idontlikeit”

Though she later deleted the tweeted and issued an apology, Toya was asked to clarify her comments in an interview with Ladies Room TV.

Toya said, “First of all, I’ve never seen a kid that young gay before. Not that I have anything against the gay community. I have lots of gay cousins and friends or whatever. And I meant no harm or meant to offend anybody by that comment. It just was shocking to me.”

The new author added that she was merely using Twitter as a place to vent, but after being informed by her gay cousin that some recognize their sexuality before adulthood, she realized she had a lot to learn. Toya noted, “But I apologize because without thinking, I tweeted that. It was just out of shock.”


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Written by Michael Arceneaux


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