Is Eddie Winslow Stalking Karrine Steffans?

Is Eddie Winslow Stalking Karrine Steffans?

Karrine Steffans filed another restraining order against her ex, Darius McCrary.

Published April 19, 2011

Karrine “Superhead” Steffans just obtained another restraining order against her ex-husband and former sitcom star Darius McCrary, according to TMZ. Steffans alleges that the actor showed up to her house several times and harassed her through a window.

It's the latest in a legal firestorm between McCrary and Steffans, according to recent documents filed in L.A. County Superior Court. Steffans says the actor, most popular for playing Eddie Winslow on Family Matters, began showing up at Karrine's house unannounced in January.

According to the docs, Darius would regularly bypass security in her gated community by sneaking through a rear entrance—and lurk outside her home to wait for her to return.

Steffans also claims that McCrary would then call her and ask her to "look outside of [her] window," through which Darius was peering inside.

Steffans also said the harassment spilled over onto the Internet, claiming that McCrary sent her an email which stated, "You should do the world a favor and kill yourself.”

Cosby kids would never behave that way. All jokes aside, if this is true, sounds like Eddie Winslow needs some serious intervention.


(Photo:Tom Donoghue/PictureGroup)

Written by Starr Rhett


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