Mayor Uncle Luke Would Miss The Strippers

Mayor Uncle Luke Would Miss The Strippers

Luther Campbell talks taxes and topless bars.

Published April 18, 2011

Luther Campbell thinks people arguing that he has no political experience, and is thus unqualified to run for mayor of Miami, need to take a second look at his past.

In an interview with, the rapper-producer popularly known as “Uncle Luke” recalls his 2 Live Crew legal battles that went all the way to the Supreme Court as just one of many instances of his political experiences. Campbell explained, “Fortunately, you don’t have to be involved in politics to understand political process, especially if you’re a community server like myself.”

The mayoral candidate also listed specifics to illustrate his commitment to the issues. Indeed, Campbell said he wants to roll back former Miami-Dade County mayor Carlos Alvarez’s tax hike, in addition to reexamining the new departments he added--departments which Campbell alleges is overrun with friends and family members of government officials.

Though Luther’s campaign is still considered a political long shot, should he be elected he did share a bit of the Uncle Luke fans know. When asked what he would miss most if he won the race, Luke quipped, “strip clubs.”

Luther also said, “I’d love to be sitting up there with Lil Wayne at King of Diamonds on Monday night, but it might not be good.”

Photo: Lucas Jackson/Landov

Written by Michael Arceneaux


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