Kobe Bryant's New PSA: "Words Can Be Hurtful"

Kobe Bryant's New PSA: "Words Can Be Hurtful"

Joined by his fellow LA Lakers, he promotes tolerance.

Published April 20, 2011

Kobe Bryant continues his push to make amends for hurling a gay slur at a referee that resulted in a hefty fine from the NBA and accusations of being a bigot.

Bryant emphatically denies that he is homophobic, acknowledging that the word was made in poor taste but maintaining that he acted out of anger and not hatred of gay people. The Los Angeles Laker added in later interviews that he had to educate himself about how the word is still painful for many, and assured fans that he’s actually defended gay people from insults and bullying back in high school.

Kobe promised to promote acceptance and tolerance and has now made good on his word via a new public service announcement with fellow teammates. In the video, Kobe says, “There are all kinds of different people in the world. That's what makes the world special." The superstar goes on to add, "So whether someone is different than you in race, ethnicity, political beliefs, religion ... or sexual orientation ... Words could be hurtful."

Bryant pleads for people to take bigoted terms and, "Replace them with understanding, compassion and acceptance. Let's make this a better world for all of us."

(Photo:  Harry How/Getty Images)

Written by Michael Arceneaux


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