Jay-Z, Beyonce and Kanye to Collabo?

Jay-Z, Beyonce and Kanye to Collabo?

We may get to hear all these greats on one record.

Published April 23, 2011

Jay-Z and Beyonce always do it big and it's been no different on their most recent trip to Paris. According to People magazine the couple flew to the City of Love in a private jet and are staying at the Hotel Le Meurice, paying $20,000 a night for the two-story penthouse sweet. Who would expect anything less from the king and queen of hip-hop?

Beyonce was in a photoshoot for Hapers Bazaar and, according to sources, the pair also travelled to Paris to collaborate with Kanye West on a song and possibly a video as well. Everyone's been patiently waiting for the release of Watch the Throne which we've reported is almost finished, but could this be an additional collaborative release? It's been awhile since we heard Jay and B on the same record, and adding heavy hitter Kanye sounds like a recipe for a guaranteed hit.

Written by Laura Hagans Smith


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