Michelle Obama Wants Oprah to Back Prez’s Re-election Bid

Michelle Obama Wants Oprah to Back Prez’s Re-election Bid

How did the talk show queen respond?

Published April 27, 2011

Seems the First Lady may be working overtime to get President Obama’s biggest supporter back for the 2012 campaign—though the effort may be too little, too late.  According to the National EnquirerMichelle Obama is terrified by reports that Oprah Winfrey won’t publicly endorse the President’s bid for re-election.  Allegedly, she is begging the talk show queen to back her husband.


Unfortunately, Oprah is reportedly not accepting the invitation. “Oprah bluntly told Michelle there’s a problem,” explained the source. “And it’s business, not personal.”


It appears Oprah is convinced that her public endorsement in 2008 caused the widely reported erosion in her ratings. Now she’s fearful that if she once again publicly campaigns for President Obama, it could undercut female viewer support for her new network, OWN.


During the 2008 presidential race, it was believed that Oprah’s endorsement helped rally the female vote for then-candidate Obama.


While she may refuse the First Lady’s reported request, Oprah did book the Obamas on her May 2nd show.


(Photo: Darren McCollester/Getty)

Written by Marcus Reeves


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