Erykah Badu Delivers Babies?

Erykah Badu Delivers Babies?

The singer, songwriter and producer adds midwife to her list of talents.

Published April 29, 2011

Flashback: An interview for Honey magazine more than a decade ago, Erykah Badu recounts the details of giving birth to her firstborn, Seven, with Andre 3000.  She said,  "I'm havin' pains six minutes apart.  I got this egg shaker that I take on stage.  It calms me.  So I'm shaking this thing every six minutes and breathing (whooo--chkchkchk--whoo--chkchkchk). Baby, I threw that gotdamn egg upside the wall so haard. Everybody was like, Oh s--t. 'Cause that ain't my style."  

Fast forward to last night at 2am. E. Badu, now mother of three to Seven, Puma and Mars, adds doula to the list of her many talents.  She tweeted, "they sleep. we deliver babies" and the world discovered that she is now a midwife. Check out her series of tweets below...

my mother may deliver tomorrow. proud to be a doula/midwife. send light.

not MY mother having a baby . she's 60. lol my patient (the mother) ..
we are close . send light . love to all the doula's and midwives.

honored to be present at the sight of a life coming in .. and a life
passing to the next place .

no baby yet.

still .. no baby .. back to the birthing center.. hhhhh



Written by Norell Giancana


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