Nicki Minaj 'Can't' Sleep Nude

Nicki Minaj 'Can't' Sleep Nude

The star says clothes are a must-have.

Published April 30, 2011

Even Barbie strips down at bedtime … but not completely. Nicki Minaj stopped by Los Angeles' Power 106 radio show Big Boy's Neighborhood and divulged that she's not a fan of sleeping in the nude.

"Thongs and a t-shirt," said Minaj with a smile, when asked her pajamas of choice.

"[Sleeping naked is] very uncomfortable for me, I don't know how women do that," she continued. "I have to have something around my [vagina] … They say let it breathe but your [vagina] must be really dry if you can just let it breathe for eight hours. I can't do that."

Radio personality Luscious Liz also asked Minaj about her must-have qualities in a man.

"A good boyfriend has to have nice lips and a big [penis]," she shared. "My biggest turn-on is a guy who's not afraid of me. My biggest turn-off is a guy who brags. I don't like guys who brag, if you really had it you would't have to talk about it 24-7. Shut up, please."

Written by Hillary Crosley


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