Donald Trump Cancels on David Letterman After Being Called Racist

Donald Trump Cancels on David Letterman After Being Called Racist

Trump in another feud, this time with the king of late night.

Published May 2, 2011

Last week, late-night talk-show legend David Letterman said about Donald Trump: "If he comes back on this show, and I am not sure we want him back on this show under these circumstances, he ought to be prepared to apologize just for that kind of behavior." Never one to back down from on-air drama, Trump wrote a letter to David Letterman saying he is pulling out of his May 18 appearance. "I was disappointed to hear the statements you made about me last night on your show that I was a 'racist,'" Trump wrote. "In actuality, nothing could be further from the truth and there is nobody who is less of a racist than Donald Trump. Based upon your statements, and despite the fact that we have always done so well together, especially in your ratings, I am canceling my May 18 appearance on your show."


To add a little more drama, Trump also said he wouldn't participate in Letterman's Top Ten list.  "Please inform your staff that I will likewise not do the Top Ten list that they had been trying to set up." 


The Donald isn't done with his feuds.  He was clearly upset about Seth Myers' biting monologue at the White House Correspondents' Dinner, which went viral over the weekend. Myers grilled Vice President Joe Biden, President Barack Obama and Donald Trump.  Trump is the only one who couldn't take the heat, saying, "He fell totally flat. In fact, I thought Seth's delivery was so bad that he hurt himself."

(Photo:  David Becker/Getty Images)

Written by Clay Cane


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