Star Jones Calls NeNe Leakes a "Wild Caged Animal"

Star Jones Calls NeNe Leakes a "Wild Caged Animal"

On NeNe Leakes, Star Jones says, "I don't know that girl and I don't hang with people like that."

Published May 3, 2011

The highly publicized beef between Celebrity Apprentice co-stars and team members Star Jones and NeNe Leakes climaxed on a recent episode of the reality serieswhen The Real Housewives of Atlanta star hovered over and yelled profusely at the former co-host of The View.


During an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Star explained why she kept cool as NeNe lashed out. Her words, however, will likely only continue the catfight between the two television personalities.  Citing her grandmother as the reason why strived to remain calm on Sunday’s episode of Celebrity Apprentice, Star told Ellen, "I was thinking, 'I need to keep calm.' Because, not for nothing Ellen, but when you're confronted in the wild with an uncaged animal, you're supposed to retreat."


In response, the daytime talk show host quipped, "No, with a bear, you're supposed to appear bigger. You're supposed to get larger.”  Star immediately hit back with, "If you can tell me how I can get bigger than that, I've got money for you."


Star also revealed that in preparation for the show, she investigated each of her competitors. Saying she knew that Leakes had been “violent and volatile” in the past, Star noted, “I just wasn't going to be in that situation because it really could have escalated into something that became dangerous."


The former New York prosecutor told Ellen had things gotten violent, she had the NYPD Chief of Police’s phone number and was prepared to use it if need be.


As to how she and NeNe get along now, Star answered, "I don't know that girl and I don't hang with people like that."

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Written by Michael Arceneaux


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