Flavor Flav Sued By Business Partner

Flavor Flav Sued By Business Partner

Flavor gets no love from his fried chicken business partner.

Published May 6, 2011

Flavor Flav's  fried chicken joint has alreay been put on blast for bouncing worker’s checks and now Flav is accused of being a swindler, as his own business partner throws a lawsuit at him. Tommy Karas  said he wrangled all of the investors for the rapper’s Las Vegas Fried Chicken project back in April and was supposed to handle the money for the deal.  

According to the report TMZ obtained, Flav went behind Tommy's back, telling the investors he was the money man and even getting them to send him a $30,000 investment--effectively cutting Tommy out of the deal altogether.

Last month, the rapper shut down an Iowa location of the chicken restaurant. "I had a licensing agreement with Nick Cimino and that's all we had. It was his business to run from there and the business was not run right," Flav revealed to TMZ. "Let me be straight up with you, I went up inside there on April 2 and I found potato salad that expired on February 28. And it's then when I realized I can't do business with this man and I really hope no one ate those potatoes."

All around fowl!


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