Kanye's Limited Edition Accessories Design

Kanye's Limited Edition Accessories Design

Yeezy takes it to the next level with these controversial silk scarves.

Published May 6, 2011

Taking another step into the world of high fashion, Kanye West used the "banned" covers of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy to make limited edition silk scarves with French design partnership M/M (Paris). The five prints--Power, Phoenix, Face, Priest and Ballerina--are based on his "musical fantasies." 

The limited edition scarves will be sold for a whopping $364. There are only 100 of each design being made and sold exclusively through M/M (Paris) and at Collete, a French boutique. Yeezy has always been expanding his artistic range since starting as a producer, coming out as a rapper, directing and writing movies, starting a clothing line and now this. Although the scarves are not in the price range for most regular folk, the designs are hot, controversial and stylish. We can only hope to see more creations from Kanye in the near future.

Written by Laura Hagans Smith


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