Peep Inside Rihanna's Fab Home

Peep Inside Rihanna's Fab Home

One of the first looks at the pop star's $10 million L.A. mansion.

Published May 6, 2011

Two years ago Rihanna bought this lavish eight-bedroom Bel Air getaway. Finally, Look UK, a British magazine, got an upclose view. Check out the pics here. The mansion boasts a library, private cinema, sauna, steam room, pool and spa.

With balconies overlooking the pool and plush seating areas placed around the property, Rih Rih, the consummate party animal, has the perfect space to have fun but it's relative seclusion ensures there are no unwanted eyes watching. However, it's not just raging going on. Rihanna revealed that, "Recently when I’ve had time off...I’ve just stayed at home watching TV." It's got to be tiring to be so fabulous all the time.

Written by Laura Hagans Smith


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