Wanda Sykes Tears Into Donald Trump and Conservative Birthers

Wanda Sykes Tears Into Donald Trump and Conservative Birthers

The comedian says they're "having issues because a Black man is president."

Published May 8, 2011

Comedian Wanda Sykes called out the conservative right and current birther frontman Donald Trump before taking the stage Thursday night in Vancouver.


“I feel sorry for ’em, they’re just sad,” Sykes told the Vancouver Sun. “I love that they’re hangin’ it on ‘Well, he’s not from this country’ when they should just face it: You’re havin’ issues because a Black man is president. That’s what it is, and you need to deal with that, to work with that.”


As for Trump's incessant questioning of President Obama's background—even after an official long-form birth certificate was released to the public—Sykes says this is due to The Donald's constant need for attention.

“He’s not happy unless he’s relevant in some way,” she says. “He wants people to be talkin’ about him. I thought he would be happy enough to finally have a decent season of Celebrity Apprentice but, you know, he had to make a little bit more noise than that, I guess.”


Looks like she can kiss an invite onto the reality show goodbye—not that she's keen on the idea anyway.


“I would never want to be on that show,” she adds. “If I wind up on that show, it’s all over for me, I really messed up. I killed somebody. I murdered a whole family.”

Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Written by Dorkys Ramos


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