Amber Rose Wishes Natalie Nunn All The Best

Amber Rose Wishes Natalie Nunn All The Best

Amber Rose takes to Ustream to address her beef with Natalie Nunn.

Published May 8, 2011

Amber Rose has finally decided to respond to reality star Natalie Nunn. But unlike Nunn, Rose is opting to kill her rival with kindness.  Their beef stems from Rose’s relationship with rapper Wiz Khalifa. Nunn apparently dated Wiz prior, which led to her accusing Amber of “picking up her sloppy seconds.”


Nunn has repeatedly used Ustream as a medium to bash Amber, most recently accusing her of using her body to make money.  On Rose, Nunn said: “A f*cking peasant, picking up crumbs, picking up f*cking dollars, taking your f*cking clothes off for some f*cking dollars and bending over and picking the sh*t up?”  Nunn has also accused Rose of being broke in a recent radio interview.


During a recent Ustream chat, Rose responded to her accuser, but not by name.  She started her retort with, "There was a girl being very mean to me and she was saying a lot of mean, hurtful things to me. And I just want to say that she’s beautiful and that and I wish her luck on everything that she’s doing and I pray for her. I pray for all my enemies and people who try to bring me down. I wish her the best of luck.”


Amber’s friend who joined in on the chat noted, “You should love your enemies because they’re the ones who make you stronger.”  In response, Amber quipped, “Absolutely.”


(Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty)

Written by Michael Arceneaux


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