Jill Scott Covers Ebony

Jill Scott Covers Ebony

Scott calls the cover 'amazing.'

Published May 10, 2011

Jill Scott's newest single might be a "Shame" but her lovely face on the cover Ebony magazine certainly isn't. 

"I just finished shooting my very first Ebony cover with the masterful photographers [Dennis] Leupold and [Steven] Gomillion, who also shot my new CD cover The Light," said Scott in a behind-the-scenes video on Ebony.com. "I hope you'll pick up this amazing Ebony cover."

The Philadelphia native is the face of the storied magazine's music issue, which also honors artists like Maxwell, Drake and Willow Smith. In Scott's feature, the maven talks about the knock-down, drag-out battle with her former fiancé, leaving her longtime label Hidden Beach Records and her two year-old son. 

The feature is written by the incomparable dream hampton and hits newsstands on May 17. 

Written by Hillary Crosley


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