Mashonda Drops Out of “Love & Hip Hop”

Mashonda Drops Out of “Love & Hip Hop”

The show must go on, but the Swizz's ex doesn't want any part of it. See why she won't be returning for season two.

Published May 10, 2011

The ladies of VH1’s new reality show Love & Hip Hop--Chrissy Lampkin, Olivia Longott, Somaya Reece, Emily Bustamante--can have their drama, but Mashonda Tifrere has had enough. The singer told Hip Hop Weekly that after seeing the way she was portrayed on the series, she won’t be returning for another season.


Mashonda was originally tapped to appear on the show when she was fresh out of her rocky divorce with Swizz Beatz, a situation that played out in the media like a soap opera. Producers wanted her to be a lead, but at first she turned it down. “I just felt like being on a show, a reality show, would be too much, so I declined,” she said. But producers insisted: 'Are you willing to come on the show to at least give Emily advice on her relationship?’ I thought about it and it made sense, so I said okay.”


After seeing the final product, Mashonda had second thoughts. “I just don’t feel like at this point in my life, Love & Hip Hop represents who I am, it’s just a chapter that is over.  When I shot the show, I thought that it was going to be like more of a sisterhood, but when I saw a lot of the drama and the beef, I was a little surprised.  I was like wow, okay, I didn’t know this was going to be a part of what this is.”


Since most reality TV shows survive off of histrionics and scenes that are often edited to make situations appear a lot more dramatic than they really were, it’s no surprise that the show didn’t end up giving Mashonda warm fuzzies when she saw it.


Will you miss Mashonda on Love & Hip Hop?


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Written by Nakisha Williams


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