Quentin Tarantino Wants Lady GaGa For New Movie

Quentin Tarantino Wants Lady GaGa For New Movie

The director has his eyes set on Lady GaGa for future role.

Published May 12, 2011

The acclaimed director has made no secret of his Lady GaGa devotion. For GaGa’s “Telephone” video featuring Beyoncé, Tarantino let the duo borrow his famed “Pussy Wagon” from Kill Bill. Now he may be wanting her to return the favor. A source told The Daily Mail, “It’s no secret Quentin’s been eyeing up Gaga for a role in one of his up-and-coming films.  And now they’re both in Cannes, he’s keen to show off his movie star credentials.”


The source added that Tarantino used his Hollywood clout to introduce GaGa to some of her favorite movie stars. “Tarantino knows Gaga’s a big fan of Brangelina. When she heard they were both in Cannes, too, she mentioned that she’d love to have them come and watch the show. So Quentin gave his pal Brad a bell to ask the couple to join them.”


Currently, Tarantino is working on the spaghetti Western Django Unchained. The script for the upcoming film has leaked to the Web and the rumor mill has Will Smith in contention for a role as the title character. No word on which project Tarantino wants GaGa to star.


(Photo: Sven Hoogerhuis/PictureGroup)

Written by Michael Arceneaux


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