Serena Williams' Racy Twitter Photo Gets a Lot of Attention

Serena Williams' Racy Twitter Photo Gets a Lot of Attention

Is it too soon after her stalker scare to post a picture like this?

Published May 13, 2011

After using an old photo of herself posing in a bra and panties behind a sheer curtain as her Twitter avatar, Serena Williams is now taking some flack, mainly from the tennis community, about the hypocrisy of this message. Nearly two weeks ago a man was arrested for trying to walk into her Florida property.

Critics believe that the frame of the photo--the fact that the viewer looks at her through a curtain--make it reminicent of the view a stalker would have, and that it's insensitive and "reckless" to post such a photo so soon after the last incident. The Business Insider even goes so far as to compare it to photos taken of sports reporter, Erin Andrews, by a stalker through a hotel peep hole. Serena did not publicly answer any of the comments, but did change her Twitter avatar after only a few hours.

Serena's body is often a subject of media attention and scrutiny. After discovering a "bloodclot the size of a grapefruit" in her lung in February the singer has been trying to rest and recover. However news of her "skimpy" bikinis and pink leotards have created more buzz than her health and recent decision to pull out of the French Open. Hopefully, the tennis queen recovers fully, is able to resume domination of the sport and can manage to make the world understand that her body really is her business.

Written by Laura Hagans Smith


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