Tyra Banks Recruits Past ANTM Contenders for All Star Competiton

Tyra Banks Recruits Past ANTM Contenders for All Star Competiton

The supermodel brings back your favorites for "America's Next Top Model" cycle 17.

Published May 16, 2011

It’s time for Tyra Banks to re-mix the concept of her successful reality show, America’s Next Top Model.  The mogul announced that cycle 17 of the show will feature all-stars, i.e. girls who made it far in the competition, but ultimately lost.


TV Squad has provided the full list of models who are coming back to fight for the glory. See below:


Cycle 1: Shannon (runner-up)

Cycle 2: Camille (fifth place)

Cycle 4: Brittany (fourth place)

Cycle 5: Bre (third place)

Cycle 5: Lisa (sixth place)

Cycle 9: Bianca (fourth place)

Cycle 10: Dominique (fourth place)

Cycle 11: Isis (10th place)

Cycle 11: Sheena (sixth place)

Cycle 12: Allison (runner-up)

Cycle 13: Laura (runner-up)

Cycle 14: Angelea (fourth place)

Cycle 15: Kayla (fourth place)

Cycle 16: Alexandria (fourth place)


Between Angelea and Camille, that’s going to be a whole lot of drama. This line up is definitely a reason to tune in next cycle, even for those who got bored with the show way back when, like once the Eva, Tocarra and Ya Ya cast wrapped.


Who are you happy to see (or not see) on this list? Who was left out (notice that women from cycles 6, 7 and 8 were left off)? Who’s going to take the crown this time around? Fifty bucks says Isis, the transgender model.


(Photo: Arnold Turner/PictureGroup)

Written by Starr Rhett


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