Maria Shriver Won't 'Hide' Due To Schwarzenegger's Adultery

Maria Shriver Won't 'Hide' Due To Schwarzenegger's Adultery

The Kennedy heiress continues on.

Published May 23, 2011

Maria Shriver will not shrink behind the drama of her estranged husband's love child. 

"She's done nothing wrong, but even so I'm surprised she has had enough courage to go out in public," a friend of Maria's told Aol's Popeater. "When this happens, most women want the world to swallow them up. They want to stay home behind closed doors, but not Maria."

Recently, the embattled Shriver left her husband and word of Schwarzenegger's infidelity and secret child arose soon after. The actor-cum-California Governor managed to keep his secret from his family and the press for more than a decade. In addition, the child is allegedly 14-years-old, not 10, as previously reported. 

Still, the close friend of Shriver described Maria as an "extraordinary woman" who "refuses to hide because of what some jerk did to her."

"Maria is a very strong lady," the friend continued. "Don't get me wrong, she is devastated by what has happened and her heart is broken, but like so many Kennedy women in the past she will pick up the pieces and move on with her life."

(Photo: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Written by Hillary Crosley


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