Samuel L. Jackson Confirmed For Long Kiss Goodnight Sequel

Samuel L. Jackson Confirmed For Long Kiss Goodnight Sequel

The actor will star in part two of the 1996 action thriller.

Published May 23, 2011

Samuel L. Jackson has reportedly confirmed he will participate in a sequel to the 1996 action thriller The Long Kiss Goodnight. The original film, starring actress Geena Davis, is about a woman suffering from amnesia that begins to recover her memories after being attacked by an ex-convict. Jackson played the role of a private investigator who helps Davis’ character rediscover her past. Renny Harlin, who directed the movie, confirmed with Den of Geek that he has been working on a follow-up and that Jackson will reprise his role.


“Sam is hundred percent committed," Harlin said.  "He’s hundred percent on board. My plan is to focus on a story about Geena’s daughter, who was six-years-old in the original and would now be about twenty-one. It’s actually gonna be sort of a buddy story between Geena’s daughter and Sam.”


Harlin also noted that as of now, no writer has been tapped to write the project. There’s also no word on any potential date when shooting of the sequel would begin. Though the film did gross $80 million worldwide at the box office, with a budget of $65 million The Long Kiss Goodnight was not widely considered a huge success.  However, Davis' character, Charlie Baltimore, will always have a special place in hip-hop history. It inspired rapper Tiffany Lane to adopt the moniker at the suggestion of her mentor, Notorious B.I.G.


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Written by Michael Arceneaux


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