Barry Bonds With Family Suing Dodgers

Barry Bonds With Family Suing Dodgers

Baseball star gifts children of coma victim with college money

Published May 26, 2011

Once known for hitting 762 homeruns as one of the greatest sluggers in baseball history and then defamed for allegedly lying about juicing, the life and times of Barry Bonds (46) has certainly been one for the stage. Yet NBC Bay Area news reports Bonds has topped himself and awed the public again by volunteering to pay the college tuitions of Bryan Stow’s two daughters. Stow was the Giants fan beaten into a coma on Opening Day by Dodgers’ revelers.


After the attack hit national headlines, Stow’s family sued the Los Angeles Dodgers for a gross lack of security. Many Dodgers players and sympathizers donated money to the family but Bonds’ generosity takes the cake. According to the report and Bonds' website, the seven-time MVP winner visited the 42-year-old single father on April 22 at the USC Medical Center, where he remains comatose. Earlier this month, Bonds highlighted the gift on his website, writing: “As I spent time with Bryan and the Stow family I was extremely touched by their strength and courage as they sit by Bryan's side day after day.” In addition to the tuition vow, The Barry Bonds Family Foundation pledged another $10,000 to the Bryan Stow Fund.


What makes this story such a tear jerks is Bonds made no mention of it to the media. Earlier today, however, Stow’s lawyer said this was one gift they were certainly going to cherish.

Written by N. Jamiyla Chisholm


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