Charlie Sheen Selling Mansion

Charlie Sheen Selling Mansion

The “winning” actor says adieu to his party house for $7.2 million

Published May 26, 2011

Bad boy actor Charlie Sheen—who made headlines seemingly nonstop all year with his raucous parties, his schizophrenic Torpedo of Truth tour, and the much rumored Snoop Dogg collabo for the single “Winning”—is selling his party house for a steep $7.2 million, according to TMZ. It might be time for Sheen to keep it moving, considering the legal problems this spot saw, making the Playboy Mansion look more like Bugs Bunny’s home than a sexy pad.


Located in Beverly Hills, the Mulholland Estates mansion is about 7,900 square feet, has seven bathrooms, five bedrooms, a spa, an outdoor kitchen for the cooking aficionado and an ultra necessary private porno room with purple velvet couches. Where will the 45-year-old former “Two and a Half Men” star go next? Rumor has it he’s moving around the block. One can only imagine that house warming party.

Written by N. Jamiyla Chisholm


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