Hangover Takes Over

Hangover Takes Over

The Wolf Pack returns to break the weekend box office--again

Published May 29, 2011

Bradley Cooper and Ken Jeong, famously known as “Mr. Chow,” and even Mike Tyson, helped movie-goers bust a gut again this past weekend with The Hangover: Part II.  The raunchy comedy, that follows three male friends through the streets of Bangkok, Thailand, pulled in a whopping $118.1 million this weekend, doubling the original’s box office numbers, according to the Hollywood Reporter.


While the gang first set the screen ablaze a couple years ago, making it the tenth highest grossing film of 2009 and earning a Golden Globe, the sequel broke records by gaining the title of biggest Memorial Weekend film. Traditionally, this spot  is reserved for summer action films, like Men in Black and Transformers.


Yet at the rate it’s currently going, Hangover deux will probably take the top five-day spot, beating out even the Matrix Reloaded, which had earned $134.4 million its first week. For all the actors and execs, the film’s success is a major coup. Seeing Mike Tyson sing and dance off-key on stage gets no better. Can’t wait to see what they do next.

Written by N. Jamiyla Chisholm


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