Flavor Flav Spent $5.7 Million on Drugs

Flavor Flav Spent $5.7 Million on Drugs

While promoting his new memoir, the legendary hype man discusses the money he wasted on cocaine.

Published June 7, 2011

Flavor Flav has a new memoir out called Flavor Flav: Icon, which chronicles his transition from rap star to reality TV sensation. In the book Flav also details his lengthy addiction to cocaine. Speaking with Pop Eater, the fried chicken enthusiast revealed just how much money he wasted on drugs.


“Yeah I was spending $2,600 a day, for six years, every single day," Flav said. "I don't know how much that is but if you did the math, wow, I went through a lot of money.” The reality star added,  “If I did the math I'd probably be shocked on how much money I spent, I'd probably punch myself in the face.”


That amount adds up to about $5.7 million. When asked how he got clean, Flav said that he moved to California to change his surroundings and the people around him. Flav added, “My also wanting to pursue a TV and movie career, I knew that in order for me to do that and be successful, I had to leave all of that behind me.”


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Written by Michael Arceneaux


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