Tyson Tattoo Is The New Way To Mack

Tyson Tattoo Is The New Way To Mack

The Hangover: Part 2 made Iron Mike’s tattoo sensational. Now men are using it to pick up women

Published June 12, 2011

First people thought boxing champ Mike Tyson had lost his mind when he appeared one day November 2004 with a Maori tattoo swirling around the left side of his eye. Speaking on Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2009, Tyson said it was originally going to be a bunch of hearts but was swayed by the tattoo artist S. Victor Whitmill to go tribal.


Then posters of Ed Helms rocking Iron Mike’s ink for The Hangover: Part II popped up, causing Whitmill to sue Warner Bros. for stealing his design. While the lawsuit is still pending, Entertainment Weekly says the film company is thinking hard about digitally changing the look for the film’s DVD release.


Now, singles are said to be using temporary face painted versions of the tatt as a way to woo a love interest, according to the NY Post, who calls it a “champ stamp.” One face painter tells the paper, "It is the No. 1 requested design I get from men of all ages . . . and men definitely use it as a way to attract the opposite sex." Does that make dinner and flowers null and void?

(Photo: Kristian Dowling/Picturegroup)

Written by N. Jamiyla Chisholm


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