Father’s Day With Jordin Sparks, Pooch Hall, Idris Elba and Anthony Anderson

Father’s Day With Jordin Sparks, Pooch Hall, Idris Elba and Anthony Anderson

Celebs reveal the best gifts they’ve given or received

Published June 14, 2011


What to get dad for Father’s Day? Not another sweater or tie! For the celebrity dads, sons and daughters BET.com asked, it’s all about the personal, creative, thoughtful present that sometimes doesn’t cost a thing!


Idris Elba, who writes music in his home studio when he’s not acting, got a clever gift from his daughter. “She made me this door tag like you put on your door at a hotel, and instead of Do Not Disturb it says DJ At Work on one side and He Said I Could Come In on the other.” Anthony Anderson’s son got equally creative. “He made a little wooden coin box for me with my name on it and his name. He made it at day camp and gave it to me on Father’s day with two $2 bills in it. I had given him two $2 bills because they’re rare and I wanted him to have them, and he gave them back to me.”


Singer Jordin Sparks found the perfect gift for her father Phillippi. “I got my dad a wooden figurine of a dad and a daughter sitting next to each other and reading. It represented us,” she says. Tichina Arnold likes giving her dad cold hard cash. “I don’t care how old you get or where you come from, when you get a card with money in it you get a good feeling. I try to do that for him on Father’s Day,” she says. “He doesn’t go to church like he used to so he doesn’t need a tie.”


For Pooch Hall, a little quiet is the only gift he needs. “My kids are 12, 4 and 2. The best Father’s Day gift is them being in bed by 7 PM!”  


(Photo: Stephen Cohen/ Getty Images)

Written by Gerri Miller


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